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Since 2014, I have adopted the fundament starting point of posture analysis as taught by the Postural Restoration Institute. An understanding of my client's postural starting point helps guide where are training starts, and what the client's needs are helps direct where we go. I have clients that range from rehabilitation, to lifestyle, to athletes. Many rehabilitation clients who come to me have been in a car accident, or have lingering pain that they just want to get rid of. My lifestyle clients are ones that may have pain, but mostly they just want to live healthy lives and prevent any injuries. My athletes range from high school to university to professional.


Many rehab and lifestyle clients might worry that strength training is not the right fit. Strength training is about optimal movement. Optimal movement is about taking stress off tissue that does not want to be over stressed, and putting it on tissue that can and should be taking that stress. You don't have to worry about lifting heavy weights, or having a training session so hard that you puke. My work is about empowering you and your training so you can feel good about the work you put in to move and feel better. I want you to be able to "therapize" yourself.


Empower your training: empower your life!

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