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Chris: Hockey Player, 2021
Gabby: Volleyball Player

I have trained with Jon since my Grade 10 year of high school to improve my overall strength and fitness with a focus on my volleyball training to take my game to the next level. I have trained exclusively with Jon for the past 3 years and have benefited from Jon’s success not only as a trainer to improve my vertical, strength and endurance but also as an accomplished volleyball player providing specific insight about the game that no other trainer could offer. Jon Rowe has played an important role in my volleyball career and has assisted me with my goal of playing on the BC Provincial Volleyball Team for these past 3 year and recently being recruited to play on the Queen’s University Golden Gaels CIS Women’s Varsity Volleyball Team in Kingston, Ontario. 

Hillary: Volleyball Player

I started training with Jon Rowe in Grade 11. Jon is a compassionate, professional and knowledgeable trainer and I completely believe that he was a huge part in taking my skills to the next level. When I first started training it was mainly to avoid getting injured. It scared me that so many girls around my age had their careers end prematurely because of a big injury. It was very important for me to reach my goal of playing CIS volleyball and I did not want an injury get in the way of my dream.   I knew that a common trend in many injuries was lack of strength. I came to Jon to reduce the chances of this happening to me. Jon went above and beyond and not only was I stronger but also faster and more explosive. It helped a lot that Jon had played post secondary volleyball himself because he knew everything there was to know about what it takes both physically and mentally to get to the next level.  He tailored my workout plan specifically to my weaknesses and the results were great! Jon is very motivational and seems to know exactly how far he can reasonably push you.   When I was told that I could move to the next level or weight I trusted his assessment and was often surprised by what I could do, which was far beyond what I would have accomplished on my own.  Jon gave me self-confidence in my strength and skills and I went into my senior year of high school believing in myself and knowing that my goals were attainable. I am so thankful for my years working with Jon because I know he helped me be the best that I could be and helped me accomplish my dream.   Thanks Jon!


​Amanda: Rebilitation Client

I thought that I was never going to feel better. I would go to physiotherapy weekly and even tried massage therapy, but was always only feeling short term relief. I was in a car accident about a year and a half ago and had never fully recovered from it.  My physiotherapist recommended I try a Kinesiologist. After multiple attempts with alternative treatments I didn’t believe this would make a difference.  I learned quickly that I would be mistaken. Upon meeting Jon, he made me feel completely comfortable and confident in his care and approach. Over the course of only a few sessions, I was already starting to be aware of my movements. Jon would explain each exercise thoroughly, and what muscles I would be using. He also would give me tips in ways to strengthen them on a daily basis with simple techniques and stretches. Jon gave me back the confidence I had been lacking since my accident. With his guidance I’ve exceeded all of my expectations and what my body was capable of doing. I am no longer afraid that I will hurt myself and with his coaching I have learned how to use proper body mechanics. Jon, thank you for everything you have done for me, it is appreciated more than I can ever express. 

Erin: Volleyball Player

As a varsity athlete at the University of Toronto, strength training is a vital part of my routine to continue building muscle to enhance my volleyball performance.  The off-season is the most important time to improve strength and stay conditioned in preparation for the upcoming season. 


For the past few years I have trained with Jon Rowe while I’m in Kelowna and it has made a huge impact on my physical condition and my athletic performance. I began strength training in high school to increase my likelihood of becoming a varsity athlete and that result was achieved. 


This past summer I trained with Jon 3 times a week at Aspire Health and Conditioning and over 4 months I added nearly 2 inches to my vertical and improved my maxes for various lifts. Jon designs workouts that are specific to my position on the court, which is incredibly helpful in developing the exact skills that I need to be able to perform at my highest level. 


Strength training has allowed me to be able to compete at the CIS level and I attribute much of my physical development to Jon for continuously pushing me to be the strongest, fastest, and most successful player that I can be.

Ryan: Rehabilitation Client

I was referred to Jon by my Physiotherapist, whom I had been working with for almost 2 years. Still feeling some residual pain and stiffness in my back and neck resulting from a motor vehicle accident, I needed to further enhance my recovery. My first impression of Jon was that he is very passionate and dedicated to his profession, all the while being extremely personable and kind. His professional demeanour is very welcoming and friendly, which ensures that being new to the gym environment never feels uncomfortable or overwhelming. 

   Upon my initial assessment with Jon, he was quickly able to create a customized workout specifically designed for me and my needs. With each exercise or stretch that Jon introduced, he was able to explain, very simply, the mechanics of my body and the benefits of properly performing each move. I noticed substantial reductions with both the pain and stiffness in a very short period of time! Since I have been training with Jon as my strength coach, I am in much better condition both mentally and physically. As a result of the accident, activities such as boating and wakeboarding were causing me a lot of discomfort and stiffness; however, I am now able to enjoy these leisure sports once again with little to no pain!

   Jon has a profound knowledge of all aspects of fitness and the human body. He is an excellent motivator who inspires me to set higher goals for myself, and has given me the tools I need to work towards reaching them! I trust Jon as my strength coach and not only have the results been amazing, I also feel that I have gained a friend. Thank you Jon for everything you have done for me so far.


Kaitlynn: Volleyball Player

Over the past three years I have had the opportunity to work with Jon in group and individual settings. In this last year especially the time and effort that Jon put into my training has really paid off. In volleyball quickness, agility, and the strength to last throughout a five set match is crucial. This summer his extensive 5 days/week program developed me into a much stronger athlete. My vertical increased by four inches in the few months that I was able to train before Canada Summer Games. Jon has always put our needs first and came in over the summer for individual training whenever we needed it. Not only did he encourage me to better my scores, but he inspired me to work out for myself and realize my potential. 

His programs prepared me physical, but more importantly Jon prepared me mentally. Without his constant feedback and encouragement I never would have pushed myself the way I do now. It started in the gym with trying new weights and pushing myself with more reps, but the confidence I gained moved onto the court. My confidence on the court has changed significantly over the summer and I truly believe it started in the gym. Through my personal experience Jon has taken my love and passion for the sport to a whole new level. 

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